The GSB.Scholarship League has completed 103 years of dedicated service to mankind by providing  educational free / loan scholarship to lacs of needy G.S.B. students till date.
Most of the beneficiaries of the League who have completed their higher education, have excelled in their careers. The Trustees and the Managing Committee of the League  have noted this  with great happiness  and pride and decided to hold an ALUMNI MEET to bring as many of our past scholars on a common platform to interact  with each other  as well as with the Managing  Trustees and Managing Committee members of the League. We were hopeful that this  interactive session  will be helpful  in getting meaningful  feedbacks/ inputs from the past scholars, which in turn will help the League  to improve service to our community.
However, the first ALUMNI MEET proposed to be held on the first Sunday of January 2015 in Mumbai did NOT take place due to very poor response from the past scholars.  The Managing Committee is disheartened but has not given up this idea. We firmly believe that the beneficiaries of free / loan scholarship from the League shall always remain favourable  to the League’s objective  and willingly participate in enhancing the CORPUS to enable substantial increase  in the  amount of free scholarship each year.
A mini Alumni Meet was held on 21.02.2015 at the League’s office when most of the Trustees and Managing Committee members were present. Following past scholars participated.

  1. Dr. ( PhD ) Vidyadhaar A. Kamath
  2. Dr.  Raghavendra N. Kini- Gen. Practitioner
  3. Shri. Mangesh  G. Shenoy , Manger in SVC Bnak, Matunga West Branch
  4. Dr. Rajeev Gurunath Redkar, Pediatric Surgeon
  5. Dr. Haridas Venkatesh Pai. G.P, accompanied by  Dr. (Smt )  M.H.Shenoy ( Invitee ).
  6. Shri. S. S. Bhat., Civil Engineer.

Each of them narrated their real life stories which were truly touching and elevating. All expressed  their gratitude  to the League  for the timely help. 

First to speak was Dr. Vidyadhar Kamath who received Rs.5,000/- as scholarship for pursuing higher studies in U.S.A. He was grateful to the League for giving him that scholarship which financed his first trip to U.S.A. Rs. 5,000/- was the cost of air ticket to U.S.A. in those days. He stayed in U.S.A. for about 20 years and came back to India to bring up his children in Indian culture. He has always tried to help the G.S.B. community and is keen to continue doing so. He also attended the Centenary function of the League and has expressed his willingness to help the League in every possible way. He was honoured with a shawl and Sriphal by Shri Ramesh Bhandarkar.

Next was Dr. R.N. Kini, a renowned Medical practitioner in Mahim area. His brother helped financially till Inter Science and then refused further help. He was given a loan scholarship of Rs. 450/- per year  from 1957 by the League. This helped to pay his medical tuition fees which were Rs. 300/- per annum. He expressed his gratitude to the League for the timely help which provided foundation for his successful career. He was honoured with a shawl and Sriphal by Shri Anand Shanbhag.

Next was Dr. Rajeev Redkar, an eminent Pediatric Surgeon attached to Lilavati, Sushrusha and Wadia hospitals. His mother was an orphan in Kolhapur and came to Mumbai for pursing studies in medicine and the League had helped her then. When Dr. Redkar wanted  for higher studies in medicine his mother narrated her experience with the League and asked him to approach the League. He received Rs. 1,500/- in 1963 as loan scholarship which helped him to pursue his studies in India. He then went to London and completed his higher education to make a successful career. He has no inhibitions of being poor at one time and proudly acknowledges the timely help given by the League when he was poor and in dire need of money for his education. He was honoured with a shawl and Sriphal by Shri V.V. Pai 

After the doctors, came a young past scholar Mr. Mangesh Shenoy who is a Branch Manager in Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank Ltd at their Matunga (West) branch. He was separated from his family due to internal disputes. He got scholarship from the League during 1977 to 1980 for his studies from 8th to 10th standard. He struggled in his life doing odd jobs along with his studies and completed his education. He has a special affinity for G.S.B. people and is always eager to help the community. He is a Patron member of the League and continues to help the league in its mission. He was honoured with a shawl and Sriphal by Shri Madhukar Pai.

Dr. Haridas V. Shenoy a senior doctor who was accompanied by his wife who is also a Doctor. Both were practicing at Khar and have now retired. He received loan scholarship of Rs. 600/- per annum in 1956 which helped to pay his medical tuition fees and also partly covered the cost of his lodging and boarding. He narrated the incident when he was rightly reprimanded by the League’s then Chairman for writing “entitled for scholarship’ in his application. He very humbly accepted the mistake on his part and always remained grateful to the League for the timely help. He promptly repaid the loan once he started earning from his profession. He was honoured with a shawl and Sriphal by Shri Vishwanath N. Naik.

Shri S.S. Bhat  who is President of the League and also a past scholar of the League was requested to speak about his experience as a past scholar. He  narrated his story of how he started his engineering in Hubli and then came to Mumbai and got a seat for Engineering in V.J.T.I. on account of  the Principal’s soft corner for a G.S.B. from Sirali Math. He was new to Mumbai and had a tough time living in Mumbai. It was those tough days when the league helped with loan scholarships which he promptly repaid immediately after he started earning his livelihood. He was honoured with a shawl and Sriphal  by Shri Nagesh Fowkar.

The members present were then served with some delicious and sumptuous snacks, well organized as usual by Shri Ramesh Bhandarkar and Shri Prakash Pai. This snacks session also provided an opportunity to the League members to interact with the past Scholars and know them better. What we learned from their experiences is that many of the past scholars are not aware that the League still exists and continues to render its yeomen service
Attention past Scholars :
The League intends to maintain a directory of our past scholars. Please let us know by e mail your contact information, namely, present address, e mail id and Mobile / tel. number. Also, please provide us your professional and personal achievements. Please get in touch with the League by e mail. Our id is