Highlights of the month 
                                                           FY  2019 - 20

Managing Committee monthly meeting was held on 21.12. 2019 at 5.00 p.m.
Number of members present: 14

Position of inflow of funds during the months, October & November 2019 to 31.07.2019 and cumulative for the year as on 30.11.2019 are given below.


     For Oct.& Nov.    2019

  Cumulative till
30. 11. 2019

   Number Rs. Number Rs.
Patrons 2 2,000  8 8,000
Endowments :NEW 4 7,25,500 12 14,00,500
Endowment-Addition 21 4,02,003 73 12,91,503
Donations 2 2,02,000 7 2,13,000 
Foreign Loan Scholarship Fund. 1 1,00,000 1 1,00,000
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TOTAL : 14,31,503 


Chairperson Smt. Gita Pai presided over the meeting.

Minutes of the last meetings held on 16.11.2019 was read and confirmed. The Chairperson and the Secretary were authorised to sign the minutes.

Application for Patron membership received from Smt. Prema Janardan Kamat (P-1575) received during November 2019 was unanimously approved. The Chairperson then read out the details of endowments, donations and other inflow of funds received by the League during November 2019 and the same were taken on record by the League.

Scholarship Disbursements

Smt. Gita Pia informed that Scholarship disbursement for the FY 2019-20 is completed.

Out of 88 students selected last year ( 2018-19 ) for Prabhu Family Trust Scholarships, 42 have completed their course. Thus only 46 students continue from the previous year’s list. Further 44 students in the following categories have been selected this year .

  1. Engineering – 23
  2. B.Com – 19
  3. Para Medical courses - 2  

Thus, the total number of students for FY 2019-20 are 90, all from Mangalore and surrounding areas. As in the past Mr. Suresh of Prabhu Family Trust, has requested to hold “Meet the Donor Program” in Mangalore as it is convenient for most of the beneficiary students. The League is awaiting confirmation from Prabhu Family Trust for holding this function at the earliest mostly in January 2020.

Smt. Gita Pai informed that most of the students covered under the Support a Student have completed their courses. At present there are only 3 students sponsored by Shri S.N. Pai and 2 students sponsored by Smt. Kamal Kamath. She appealed to the members  to look out for more students and also more donors for this scheme.

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