1) Enroll as a Patron of the League with just Rs.1000 one time Fee. 

2) Start an Endowment in the memory of one dear to you or to commemorate a happy occasion in your family. Add on to this endowment every year. 

3) Donate regularly to the League. 

4) Contribute liberally to the League’s Centenary Endowment Fund. 

5) Introduce your like minded acquaintances to take part in this effort. Every one more participant means much to the League’s efforts. Your support helps the child to move from darkness to light and transform her / his dream into reality.

6) Your donation to this “TEMPLE’ for education is equally fulfilling, rewarding and enduring. The League is an invaluable legacy bestowed in 1912. Join and be a part of its history.

If you have a kind word to say, say it now
If you have something to give, give it now
If you can make someone glad or another less sad
Do it now...do it now... do it now....

If you have trust to bestow, show it now
If you have freindship to give, give it now
If there's pain you can ease or someone you can please
Do it now... do it now...do it now....