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To provide assistance to the needy & deserving students to acquire better.
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To encourage and inspire the young Saraswat students to excel.
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To deliver DONOR's trust where it is most needed in time.
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Managing Committee Profile

AS ON 24th DECEMBER 2022

No. Name Position Contact No.
1 Shri. V. Vittal Pai Trustee 9819608581
2 Shri. Ramesh V. Bhandarkar Trustee 9930909922
3 Shri G. S. Bhat Trustee 9821587257
4 Smt. Vijaya V. Kamath Trustee 9820203790
5 Shri Gopal S. Pai Trustee 7506931977
6 Shri. S. S. Bhat President 9870046715
7 Smt. Gita R. Pai Chairperson 9821033115
8 Shri. Ganesh N. Shanbhag Secretary 9820029735
9 Shri. Madhukar G. Pai Secretary 9821013789
10 Shri Pravin B. Kamat Treasurer 9833241499
11 Shri. Anand R. Shanbhag Vice Chairman 9820345796
12 Shri Prashant Kini Treasurer 9820234779
13 Shri Mahesh Shanbhag Member 9923324244
14 Shri Vivek Shanbhag Member 9967536797
15 Smt. (Dr.) Varsha S. Kamath Member 9870028943

Members as on 11-01-2023

No. of Life Members

No. of Patron Members


Year after Year GSB Scholarship League has to express gratitude to Prabhu Family Charitable Trust, Specially to Mr.Ajit Prabhu and family for supporting the education of many graduate students. This Trust started supporting about 30 students and now the number is nearing 90. This has resulted in Many good students completing their studies and have become Engineers, Doctors, Accountants and Chartered Accountant. GSB Scholarship League's Trustees and Managing Committee members are very grateful to this Trust and the Prabhu Family Members.

League History

In 1912, Gopal Subrao Dangi, Dr. Narayan Anna Naik, Madhavrao Vasudev Bhat, Sheshgiri Manjunath Kamat, Martobrao Durgappa Gaitonde, Vinayak Srinivas Kamat,Ramachandra Krishna Prabhu.

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In July 1923 , the League formed a Trust and appointed a Board of Trustees to hold the funds of the League to ensure the safety and security of the property and investments of the League.

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To give a legal status to the Trust and the said Trustees, a DECLARATION OF TRUST DEED dated 26th April 1926 was registered containing a set of Rules and Procedures to govern the Trust

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How You Can Help

New Endowment

An Endowment can be started with as little as 5,000/-! The Leagues's present annual disbursement of 1,800/- to a school student is funded by the income generated on an amount of close to 25,000/-.


You are welcome to add any amount to your existing endowment at your discretion. All the funds received as endowments add to the Corpus.


Funds received as donations are disbursed to students during the same year.

FLS Fund

Loans are made to students who sek funds for their post-graduate education in doreign universities and are arepayable to the League with interest. Donation are collected in multiples of 50,00/-.

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10am to 12pm
The GSB Scholarship League, Dwaraknath Bhavan, Katrak Road, Wadala, Mumbai - 400031.